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Effective March 20, 2020
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Buddy's Upull Company Profile
Self-Service Auto Parts



In 1981 Owner Rick Carson  started Brookline Auto Salvage. After the passing of his loyal dog, Rick respectfully renamed his facility Buddy’s.This modest start has grown into an operation of over 3300 cars and trucks spanning nearly 40 acres. Buddys has grown yet again to be the areas first and largest self service auto parts facility employing 45 workers. The business plan is as simple as it was over 30 years ago, you bring your tools, pull the parts you need and SAVE lots of money! We offer a huge a selection of used OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for cars, vans and light trucks – all makes and models, foreign and domestic – all at amazing prices that save you up to 80%!


Extensive Inventory

We purchase used and salvage vehicles from tow companies, private parties, auto auctions, charities and insurance companies. We are constantly refreshing our inventory with new arrivals to provide our customers with the widest selection of vehicles and parts. As vehicles arrive, we inspect them, remove and recycle vehicle fluids and hazardous materials and then place the vehicles on the sales floor where customers can access them. All of our stores are environmentally friendly and well organized with our customers' safety and convenience as our top priorities. When you visit a Buddy’s Upull you're sure to be impressed by the layout of our vehicles placed in orderly rows and grouped by make and model.

This is not your fathers salvage yard - How You Save $$$

Shopping for parts at Buddy’s Upull is easy! Start by searching our online inventory to find the vehicle(s) you're looking for.  Our helpful customer service team will provide you with a map of the facility so you can quickly find the vehicles you are interested in. They can also check our computerized Parts Interchange System to show you alternative vehicles that have the same exact parts you need. Next, you'll go into the yard, find the vehicle with the parts you need and pull the parts yourself! All of our vehicles are set on customized supports to raise them off the ground to ensure easy and safe access for you to pull your parts. We  also provide free use of wheelbarrows and engine hoists. When finished, you take your parts to the cashier and pay according to our customer-friendly parts pricing system found at the customer check in.
At any given time, Buddys has approximately 2000 cars and trucks to choose from so chances are we have the parts you need! Our pricing model is designed to offer our customers savings of up to 80% compared to off the shelf original equipment parts. We also have frequent sales and specials that offer you even greater savings. In addition, we stand behind all our parts with a Hassle Free 30 Day Guarantee – if the part doesn't work, goes bad or is the wrong size within the first 30 days of purchase, you can exchange it for another part!


Helping the Environment

Our vehicle disposal process recycles everything we possibly can. Parts are purchased by our customers as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing from traditional parts sources. Parts that can be refurbished (i.e. radiators, alternators, compressors) are sold for remanufacturing. Many vehicle fluids including gasoline, oil and antifreeze are recycled. Ferrous and nonferrous metals are recycled and sold for reprocessing in new products. All of this reuse reduces the amount of new products that need to be manufactured, not to mention the raw materials and energy needed to create them.
Our environmental practices are second to none and exceed all federal guidelines. From our extensive experience, we have implemented standardized policies and procedures for managing vehicles and disposing of hazardous wastes
All of these efforts taken together protect the environment, beautify our neighborhoods and reduce the cost of new goods by returning valuable raw materials into production.


Buddy's In your Community

Buddy’s dedication to the environment and to our role as a community partner is what sets us apart from the traditional junkyard. Founded on the principle of responsibility and customer service, we have sought to exceed environmental standards and to be a leader in environmental responsibility. We have worked tirelessly to contribute to the community in a commitment to improve the neighborhoods we are part of.

Many communities are concerned with how to dispose of the high volume of vehicles that are taken out of service annually. Vehicles are commonly abandoned and left to decay on streets, residential yards, fields and even bodies of water. We believe that Buddy’s Upull offers local communities a solution to this problem with our industry-leading approaches to recycling vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. We work with the community to acquire unwanted vehicles before (and often after) they are abandoned.